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Management Team

From the Chairman’s desk :
Our endeavour at Maithan Alloys Limited is to leverage our core competencies to fuel sustainable growth. The key drivers for ongoing growth will be the continuation of prudent fiscal management and strategic thinking. Our Company possesses global economies of scale and a leadership position within its sector in the country. We want to continue with the same philosophy for future ventures. It is our conscious effort to convert local leadership into global leadership.

Our plans, though ambitions, are achievable provided we overcome certain key challenges. The greatest challenge will be to immunise our projects from general economic volatility and sectoral downturns.  Towards this, we ensured that our exposure in each sector is designed to mitigate input, market and macroeconomic risks to the greatest possible extent. Another factor involved is tapping into valuable human resources, and developing the same. We provide above par compensations to all stakeholders in our group, and ensure professional satisfaction not only as a business strategy but as a corporate philosophy. Only satisfied employees can make a successful organisation. Last but not the least, the challenge is to attract capital by providing stable and attractive investment returns.
Our dreams may be seen as over ambitious to the casual observer. For them, we have a track record to underscore our ambitions.


From the Managing Director’s desk :

 “The year 2010-11 was a microcosm of our business and operating model”.
I was satisfied because in a number of ways, the year under review was a microcosm of our business and operating model: Cyclical business, profitable company. During a buoyant 2010-11, when manganese alloy prices strengthened, the industry grew significantly. It is in this context that the performance of Maithan is worthy of appraisal.

“We reported a profitable growth in 2010-11, exceeding our targets in volumes and value.”
Our bold strategy and strong execution enabled us to outperform industry growth and record robust financials for 2010-11. Our turnover increased 24% to Rs. 594.42 crore, and net profits surged 140% to Rs. 72.83 crore. This emphasizes the point that in a business characterized by cyclicality, we are optimally placed to maximize value capture during industry upturns, and protect profitability during sectoral downturns. It is this positioning that will enable us to grow sustainably over the years.